AGI YII webinar series

In the first webinar series of the Ataxia Global Young Investigator Initiative, each AGI Working Group will present an introduction into their topic.

Target audience: young investigators in the ataxia field, who we hope to give a head start in their career by introducing important aspects of various research topics. Of course, anyone who is interested is welcome to attend!

Recording: all webinars will be recorded and shared with the members of the Ataxia Global Initiative. However, please consider that in the recorded webinar some features are missing and thus the live experience of these educational events is highly recommended.

Registration: in order to register for a specific webinar click on the webinar of your choice in the table below. The registration links will be active as soon as possible and at the latest 2 weeks before the webinar's date.

Date Topic Speaker Institution AGI WG
Tuesday 22 February 2022

5-6pm CET

Standard clinical assessment in ataxia Thomas Klockgether University Hospital Bonn, Germany WG1: Clinical outcomes and registries
Tuesday 29 March 2022

9-10am CEST

Digital-motor biomarkers in ataxia: introduction and overview across motor domains Adam Vogel The University of Melbourne, Australia WG4: Digital-motor biomarkers
Tuesday 17 May 2022

5-6pm CEST

Fluid biomarkers for trial readiness in ataxia TBD TBD WG2: Molecular biomarkers & biosampling

Past webinars

Date Topic Speaker Institution AGI WG Recording Slides
Tuesday 14 December 2021

9-10pm CET

Magnetic resonance imaging in clinical care and research of ataxias Sirio Cocozza, Gülin Öz University of Minnesota, University of Naples "Federico II" WG3: MRI Biomarkers Available here Sirio Cocozza

Gülin Öz

Tuesday 18 January 2022

9-10pm CET

NGS analysis in ataxias: what it is and how it is done Andrea Nemeth, Matthis Synofzik, Stephan Zuchner University of Oxford, University of Tübingen, University of Miami WG6: Next-generation genomics and platforms Will follow soon