#2 Molecular biomarkers & biosampling

Working Group 2
WG Name Molecular biomarkers & biosampling
WG Leads Puneet Opal (Chicago, USA)
Filippo Santorelli (Pisa, Italy)
WG Objectives
  • Facilitate inclusive and feasible cross-center standardized biosampling.
  • Generate a centralized biomaterial database to store and readily query information on availability and type of biomaterial.
  • Establish procedures for approval of biomaterial use.
  • Disseminate results and objectives, and attract further members.
  • Definition of minimal/optional biomaterial packages
  • SOPs are currently reviewed and will be provided to all investigators via Microsoft Teams.
  • Generation of a common shared virtual repository.
  • Development of procedures for approving biomaterial projects & sample release

If you are interested in participating in working group 2, please follow this link.