Working Groups

#1 Clinical outcome assessments & registries
WG leads: Thomas Klockgether and Matthis Synofzik

#2 Molecular biomarkers & biosampling
WG leads: David Mengel, Puneet Opal and Filippo Santorelli

#3 MRI biomarkers
WG leads: Sirio Cocozza, Ian Harding, Pierre-Giles Henry and Gülin Öz

#4 Digital-motor biomarkers
WG leads: Andreas Traschütz and Adam Vogel

#5 Model systems & preclinical trials
WG leads: Bernard Brais, Francesca Maltecca and Hélène Puccio

#6 Next-generation genomics & platforms
WG leads: Brent Fogel, Andrea Nemeth, Matthis Synofzik and Stephan Zuchner

#7 Policy and patient organization engagement
WG leads: Julie Greenfield and Holm Graessner

#8 Young investigator initiative
WG leads: Jennifer Faber and Heike Jacobi

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