Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is responsible for providing overall policy and strategic direction to the AGI, oversees activities and progress, and delegates responsibility for day-to-day operations to the AGI office and chairs of the various Working Groups.

The current Steering Committee of the Ataxia Global Initiative consists of the following members:

Chair: Matthis Synofzik (Tübingen, Germany)
Vice-chair: Thomas Klockgether (Bonn, Germany)

  • Tetsuo Ashizawa (Houston, USA)
  • Bernard Brais (Montreal, Canada)
  • Alexandra Durr (Paris, France)
  • Brent Fogel (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Julie Greenfield (Ataxia UK, UK)
  • Lauren Moore (NAF, USA)
  • Laura Jardim (Porte Alegre, Brazil)
  • Hong Jiang (Changsha, China)
  • Osamu Onodera (Niigata, Japan)
  • José Luiz Pedroso (São Paulo, Brazil)
  • Bing-Wen Soong (Taipei, Taiwan)
  • David Szmulewicz (Melbourne, Australia)

Head of the AGI office: Holm Graessner (Tübingen, Germany)

Tetsuo Ashizawa

Bernard Brais

Rosalind Chuang

Alexandra Durr

Brent Fogel

Julie Greenfield

Lauren Moore

Laura Jardim

Hong Jiang

Thomas Klockgether (Chair)

Osamu Onodera

José Luiz Pedroso

Bing-Wen Soong

Matthis Synofzik (Vice-Chair)

David Szmulewicz