#4 Digital-motor biomarkers

Working Group 4
WG Name Digital-motor biomarkers
WG Leads Andreas Traschütz (Tübingen, Germany)
Adam Vogel (Melbourne, Australia)
WG Objectives Establishing standards for aggregating digital-motor (sensors, video, audio, etc.) datasets in genetic ataxias, harmonized by cross-center standardized assessment protocols, for identification of digital-motor biomarkers in SCAs and ARCAs. This includes, but is not limited to

  • Assessment of gait and balance (WP1)
  • Assessment of upper limb function (WP2)
  • Assessment of speech (WP3)
  • Smartphone-based assessments (WP4)
  • Oculomotor assessment (WP5)
Results This working group will identify and recommend valid, sensitive, robust, and reproducible digital-motor progression and treatment response markers for multicenter clinical trials in SCAs and ARCAs. It will provide harmonized assessment protocols with minimal and optimal datasets for gait/balance, upper limb function, speech, and oculomotor function - available as modular toolbox for adaptation and application to different platforms and mobile devices. Data exchange infrastructure will be built compliant with data regulations to facilitate implementation in future clinical trials.

If you are interested in participating in working group 4, please follow this link.