10-13 March 2021 | Annual Ataxia Conference (NAF)

See the talks and sessions: Annual Ataxia Conference

This conference was organised by the National Ataxia Foundation (NAF)
and brought together leading ataxia experts.

Some of the sessions covered included:

  • Keynote Session: Ataxia Drug Treatment Targets and Pipeline
  • Research – the Key to Unmasking Ataxia
  • Navigating the Diagnostic Journey
  • Gene Therapy 101
  • Standards of Care for Ataxia
  • Pediatric Ataxia
  • Single with Ataxia
  • Married with Ataxia
  • Family Planning Options for Ataxia
  • Living and Coping with Ataxia
  • Ask a Social Worker: Insurance, Coverage, and Navigating Care
  • Cognition Research
  • Ataxia Support Groups and Other Opportunities to Get Involved with NAF