IXICO is a medical data analytics company, providing data management and advanced analytics for pharmaceutical clinical trials. Established in 2004, IXICO has firmly established itself as a trusted partner to the global pharmaceutical industry developing new therapies for neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and rare diseases including Huntington’s disease and Ataxias.

Our extensive track record delivering end to end support in the development and deployment of imaging and digital biomarkers in clinical trials has driven our success and engagement within the neuroscience community. By standardising the acquisition, collection and analysis of images, we deliver high quality and clinically meaningful data. IXICO's scientists also collaborate with academic and pharma partners to translate novel neuroimaging methods into clinical development programs and develop new image analysis algorithms that provide richer, more sensitive brain structural and functional information.

One of our proprietary AI algorithms, LEAP, provides accurate assessment of changes in brain pathology through the quanti­cation of regional brain volume. LEAP has been applied to over 150 brain regions and has been cited in more then 750 scienti­c publications. We combine the rapid deployment of our AI algorithms with our bespoke TrialTracker™ data management platform to interpret large data sets of patient brain scans (MRI/PET), which has the potential to deliver lower costs, faster enrolment and higher statistical power in clinical trials.

Additionally, we develop interpretive algorithms to extract clinically meaningful biomarkers from new data types, such as from wearable biosensors. Sleep and movement are impacted in many CNS diseases. These biomarkers have the potential to provide more precise, patient-centric and clinically meaningful clinical trial endpoints compared to current research methods, such as subjective rating scales and patient diaries.