SCA & ARCA Global Conference 2020

The SCA Global Conference originally planned to take place from 6-7 April 2020 in Bonn, Germany was moved to an online conference and organised jointly with the ARCA Global initiative.

The SCA & ARCA Global Conference took take place online from 19-21 October 2020.

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Dear attendee,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to welcome you to the SCA and ARCA Global Online Conference 2020.

This conference brings together two global collaborative translational and clinical research initiatives that focus on ataxias. Both initiatives comprise academia, industry as well as patient advocacy organisations. While the focus of ARCA Global is on pursuing critical steps to translate the recent genetic progress in autosomal-recessive cerebellar ataxias directly into stringent targeted treatment trials, SCA Global focuses on infrastructure and tools to clinically develop therapies for spinocerebellar ataxias.

The joint scientific focus on ataxias, the complementarity of both global initiatives and high overlap of involved people is reflected in the conference program.

In the interest of the health, safety and well-being of all registered attendees, our patients and families, as well as the general public, the Organising Committee together with the Steering Committees of SCA and ARCA Global has decided to move the SCA and ARCA Global conference online. This decision has been taken due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic and in full support of public authorities in Europe and the world in their effort to slow the spread of the disease.

We do look forward to a vibrant virtual meeting.
All presentations will be available publically four weeks after the congress end.

Best wishes for good health to you, your families and your community.
On behalf of the organising committee

Prof. Dr. Thomas Klockgether (SCA Global Chair) & Prof. Dr. Matthis Synofzik (ARCA Global Chair)